Can US citizens participate in your Token Sale?

At the moment we do not see any obstacles for this. However, since legislation and law enforcement practice are not static, this may change later.

How can I get your tokens without participating in the sale?

If you are going to purchase IPS tokens for an amount equal to or greater than 50 ETH or equivalent, then contact us using the form below. Details on the public sale will be available later and published on our site.

What is "equivalent" in connection with the price of the token?

We accept several crypto-currencies and fiat money to purchase IPS tokens. “Equivalent” means that the tokens can be sold in any of the accepted currencies, namely: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH). There might be restrictions on the minimum amount of purchased tokens in different currencies.

Why should I buy your token if in the future I'm not going to work with the content?

Based on the expected dynamics of the ecosystem growth and the multiple increase in the number of smart-licences transactions demand for tokens will continuously grow with time. The purchase of tokens at the initial stage is beneficial even if you are not going to work directly with the content. High liquidity of tokens will be supported by their free trade on the main trading crypto websites.